Factors In Choosing The Perfect Hair Accessories For Your Baby Girl


All babies look gender-neutral that some parents go to extreme measures just to make their kids appear their respective proper genders in the eyes of the public.

This trend is more imminent with parents who have baby girls since these infants don’t clearly show yet the distinguishing features of a grown female. Parents, especially moms, will dress their little girl in soft pink or pastel colors, have the baby’s ears pierced, and purchase colorful and large hair bands in order to declare to the world that their child is indeed a girl.

Fortunately, there are stores that specialize in hair accessory baby gift sets to cater this incessant need for parents to make their baby girls more feminine.

Here are some factors to consider in helping you choose which type of hair accessory is right for your child.

Amount of hair your child actually have

For babies, it is only natural that you expect their hairs to wispier than normal, which makes buying bows, ribbons, and barrettes seem useless. Luckily, there are stores like babywisp baby hair bow and headband, who takes this into account and was able to come up with hair bows that are undeniably feminine, but are also easy to clip onto the little hair your girl has without causing discomfort.


No matter how much you love your child, going broke over a hair accessory is simply not worth it. Find reasonably priced hair accessories that would look as equally adorable for your little princess rather than go for expensive, designer brands that costs almost as much as a college fund.

Child’s wardrobe

Parents simply find it irresistible to dress their little girl up. A hair accessory can enhance a child’s cuteness, particularly if the clothes she is wearing and the hair accessory are a match. Find a hair accessory that would go well with whatever your child is going to wear or whatever occasion she is going to attend in order to amplify that adorable factor.

The Ability of the accessory to grow along with the child

Of course, it will be more practical if you can choose a hair accessory that can still be used as your child (and her hair) grows. For hair bands, buy those made of elastic materials so it can stretch and still be used even if your kid is no longer an infant.

Always choose comfort

A stylish color and design mean nothing to a child throwing a tantrum because you are making her wear something that is extremely uncomfortable (either too itchy, or too hot). Above everything else, try to find out if your child is comfortable with the hair accessory. If not, then it is better to discontinue using it rather than face a sour child every time you make them wear that accessory.

Accessorizing your little girl’s hair will not only make her look charming and appealing to everyone who’ll see her, it can also serve as a quality bonding time between you and her. More than anything else, it is proof that you care and love her.

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Melissa Tew has been running a day care center for 15 years already. Every day, she’s surrounded with very hyperactive kids that kept her on her toes all the time. But what Melissa loves doing the most is making baby gift sets that the day care give away for new baby or toddler entrants to their day care.

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