Three Reasons Why A Doll’s Pram Makes The Perfect Present


Buying for little ones can be tricky, as they won’t fully appreciate the meaning behind sentimental gifts, but at the same time, lots of toys will either get broken or forgotten about after they’ve been played with a couple of times.

Fear not though, because there are some gifts out there which are timeless classics and one of those gifts is the doll’s pram.

Here are three reasons to consider buying the special little girl or boy in your life a doll’s pram next birthday or Christmas.

They’ll Last a Long Time

Lots of children’s toys these days are very fragile and once they start getting bashed around by little hands, they don’t take a lot of encouragement to break.

However, as long as you buy a fairly decent one, doll’s prams are very well-made and are built to last.

Like anything, they’ll suffer from a bit of wear and tear, but a well-made doll’s pram could last your child for years. Who knows, they might even pass it on to their children one day!

Not only are they physically sturdy though, doll’s prams are also a timeless gift. After all, there’s a reason they’ve been on the market for over a hundred years and are still going strong to this day.

Loads of toys come and go as trends but doll’s prams are an example of a classic toy that’ll never go out of fashion.

They’re a Break from Technology

Nowadays it’s estimated that children spend an average of six hours or more a day using screens, with concerns that so much screen time is having a really negative impact on our kids.

Spending so much time using devices can lead to attention disorders, obesity and trouble getting to sleep at night, among other negative health effects.

In a world where technology is ever-present, it’s nice to have a product that’s a bit of a break from the modern world.

A doll’s pram will also encourage children to get up and be active. Children are getting less and less exercise and a doll’s pram is the perfect way to get them up and moving!

They Inspire Imagination

Children love to pretend, whether they want to be an astronaut, a firefighter, or just like mum and dad.

A doll’s pram is a great way to encourage your little ones to be more like mum and dad and this can play a really big part in their emotional and intellectual development.

Imitating and using their imaginations really helps children to learn about things such as the roles a mum and dad play.

Play Like Mum are a new brand who have just launched an exclusive range of Silver Cross doll’s prams. They say: “Developing your child’s imagination with role play is a great way to nurture the bond between mother and child.

“We all know that real life play offers huge benefits to every child, nurturing imaginations, helping create strong building blocks and stimulating brain development.

“Our Silver Cross Dolls Prams and Pushchairs encourage inter-personal skills and create imaginative ways to play. Play is essential to every child.”

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