Why Should You Wear With Ankle Boots?


Fashion is a strange thing – the rapid pace of change rivals the pace of technology. What was fashionable yesterday is now only fashionable for the dog to wear. Things change quickly in this world and it means that many people can feel left behind or unsure of something they wish to buy – is it still in?

Well, one thing that seems to buck that trend is ankle boots. Ankle boots have been around for some time now and have provided an excellent way for people to get around the problem of fashion moving too quickly. Some things just look good all the time, and this includes ankle boots!

However, many women don’t want to wear ankle boots; they find them uncomfortable or rather ungainly looking. If you feel this way, then the following suggestions could all be used to help you feel better about yourself when you wear ankle boots;

Ankle Boots & Skirts

Ankle boots and long skirts are a good combination. Whether it’s a long skirt or a maxi skirt you will find that this works well in the fall in particular. Narrower skirts are usually the least desirable style with ankle boots, although it still works, so you should try and stick to ankle boots that are fuller in terms of the way they are laid out.

The idea with ankle boots here is to show off no longer – if the skirt does not cover the top of the ankle boot by itself, get yourself some tights.

If you wish to wear it with a short skirt, too, you can. You’ll likely find that it works well with short skirts, when it’s pulled off properly. Look for skirts that go a couple of inches above the knee or shorter, and avoid going for anything that is too full when it’s a shorter skirt. You’ll start to look like you are going to the ice rink!


You’ll find that most forms of leggings, tights or jeans work with this. Long leggings and/or tights tend to be the best choices when it comes to ankle boots. However, if you are someone who does not like wearing leggings or you feel like they don’t suit you, ankle boots most certainly won’t change that.

Try and avoid wearing wide trousers, though, as it can look a bit weird tucked into the boot. Wide trousers tend to look hilarious when put into the ankle boot at the bottom, creating a hideous balloon effect.

Also, miss out wearing things like pencil skirts, skirts with bare legs and shorts when going for ankle boots. If you are struggling to find quality styles to go with, though, you should definitely consider checking out the wide and varied selection of Ankle boots by Spartoo.

By going to Spartoo first you can find quality ankle boots at fair and genuine prices. This will make it much easier to give yourself the fashion and the style that you hoped for.

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